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Plumbing is a profession that requires a lot of skill along with experience. The plumbing issues can be small and big one. If you are grown up then you can probably handle the small plumbing problems by yourself. However, for some big issues, it is a wise thing to take help from the people who are expert in this profession. We, Plumber Archway are there to help our customers deal with their problems in the best possible way. We aim to provide maximum satisfaction to all our customers by offering some top notch quality services. We also aim to help people apart from offering them our service, which is way we provide some worth following tips to our customers. Following are two important tips that all our customers should follow:Your basin traps, kitchen sinks and the bath traps, all are connected to waste pipeline through single threaded joint. In case, you joint starts leaking, there are a lot of changes that the floor beneath the pipeline gets damaged in no time. In order to fix this problem, it is important for you to remove connecting nut from the joint. Moreover, we strongly advise that you should check rubber washer in order to make sure it is in perfect condition. An important thing that you might not notice in your daily routine is the fitting of the pipe. Over the period of time, the fitting of the pipes starts losing their grip which usually ends with leakage. In order to avoid this problem it is important that you should check the fitting of your pipe atleast twice a month. Doing so, will save you from some long term damage. In case of emergency situation, you can call our Plumbers Archway. Our team of experts will be available for the immediate help.

Hydro-Jetting Explained

Hydro-jetting is a process used to move and cut through materials from the drains in your residential property by using a high water pressure. This allows you to clean out all the debris that is in your drains which guarantees clean water easily makes its way to the desired location. Exceptionally high water pressure is used to cut through any material in a drain. At its simplest, hydro-jetting is just spraying water to clear material or can be used as a recycling system to pick up water. There are a variety of ways hydro-jetting can be use. Obviously, the most common use for hydro-jetting is cutting through items in drains like roots or other debris. However, it can also be used to break through stick items like grease instead of using a saw blade which lacks effectiveness. Also, it can be used to remove material which will destroy the saw blade in only a short amount of time. Without doubt, hydro-jetting has numerous of benefits for any residential or commercial property owner. Firstly, the effectiveness of hydro-jetting cannot be compared to any alternative because it does an excellent job at cleaning things other products simply cannot do. For instance, hydro-jetting can break down strong blockages that many other drain cleaners fail to break down like snakes and manoeuvres. Hydro-jetting is so strong it can even cut through solid items like metals and tiles. There is also a great degree of control with hydro-jetting since the user can change the size of the steam in order to cut exceptionally thin items or remove a large material from a drain. If you require any further information about hydro-jetting or any other information regarding plumbing, be sure to call Plumbers Archway who offers a wide range of services to fit the requirements of any household.

3 Ways to Clear a Toilet Blockage

Having a blocked toilet can be very frustrating because it seems it happens at the worst of times. However, fortunately for you, there are a number of quick and simple methods where you can unclog your own toilet. Firstly, never flush more than once at one time, even if there is remaining human waste in the toilet. If you flush a toilet more than once it will cause more water to be pumped to the toilet bowl. There is the likely chance you can cause your bowl to overflow if you flush your toilet multiple times when it is clogged. Alternatively, you can add some dish soap in the toilet bowl and then pour half a bucket of hot water into the bowl. The water must be hot because it has to be significantly hotter than the water in the toilet bowl to clear the clog which will also cause porcelain to crack. Let the hot water and dish soap sit in the toilet bowl for several minutes to see if it will soften a clog by itself. Otherwise, you will have to use a plunger. The wire coat hanger method involves the use of a wire coat hanger which can be used in toilet clogs when there is an obstruction close to the drain. Firstly, you will have to manipulate the coat hanger until the top ends are no longer connected. Then you can wrap one end of the coat hanger and then stick it in the drain and then push or twist it to see if it can clear the drain. If you need any further help with a clogged toilet, be sure to call Plumbers Archway who has a team of experienced professionals who pride ourselves on our rapid response and quality workmanship. Plumbers Archway offers a wide variety of services ranging from plumbing to heating that are sure to keep the customer satisfied.

Don’t Be Had

The last thing that anyone needs to do is to have a plumbing problem and then go ahead and hire a cowboy plumber. These types of dishonest individuals will always tell you that they are reputable tradesmen, but will then produce the most criminal sub-standard piece of work. An Archway Plumber is a professional technician. The problem with so-called cowboy plumbers is that they are difficult to identify. They may look and sound like plumbers, and some might even think that they are plumbers, but the sad truth is that they are dangerous frauds who should be avoided. There are two types of cowboy plumber. Now, there is the honest but incompetent guy, and there is just the ruthless guy who is out to take as much of your money as he can. They are both very dangerous. Archway Plumbers only use skilled individuals. The incompetent guy will normally give you a low quote that will inevitably result in a bad job, because the quote doesn’t allow enough money to complete the work to a proper standard. The ruthless guy will knowingly do a bad job, take your money and leave. These following points might just help you identify and avoid cowboys: Never employ someone who knocks on your door and claims to be new to the area carrying out a survey, or has just finished a job on your road, and can do one-off jobs for a special price. Never be taken in by smart clothes, shiny vans and so on, as you will end up being the person paying for them. Ignore people who want a large chunk of cash in before they start, and avoid the bloke who only has a mobile phone for contact. Do call a prospective plumbing firm during working hours (when you would expect the plumber to be out working for clients) to see if it is well organised asnd can take and pass on messages. Lastly do not employ anyone who provides a rough and ready estimate on the back of an envelope.

Tap Discs

The older taps that were fitted with rubber washers open and closed by the constant screwing of the head up and down inside the tap body. This always caused the rubber washers to wear and fail, which meant that you always found yourself turning the tap tighter and tighter to stop the water from flowing. There are new more modern form of tap inserts that replace the old rubber washer, they are called ceramic discs, and with these fitted all that is needed is a 1/4 turn of the tap or shower and the water is shut off straight away. This means no more difficulty sopping the water flow. Like lots of things they can fail. If you are not confident to replace the cartridge, then call a professional like Archway Plumbers who can fit the cartridge. The two ceramic discs each have a hole so as a tap is operated one moves with the handle and the other one is still. As the holes line up, the water flows. If a leak occurs the ceramic discs have suffered some damage and the holes not in line. This means a cartridge replacement is required. They are ‘handed’ for hot and cold so there is a specific one for each. A professional tradesman like an Archway Plumber can replace taps and other fittings. To start, isolate the water supply to the taps. Drain the water away through open taps. Take the heads off the taps. There are two different types, the first is a push on fitting and the second is fitted with a screw. Hold the tap body so that when you undo it, it will not turn with the turning action. Take out the cartridge. Don’t forget the orientation either left or right mentioned earlier. Visually inspect as it could be just debris inside and may just need cleaning. If not, replace the cartridge. Visually inspect the seal for damage. Reassemble and return the water supply to check for correct operation and leaking.

Tap Ceramic Disc

The majority of new taps installed today have ceramic discs fitted inside as they are quite low maintenance fittings. Just like all things they are prone to failure and will need replacing if they do. If this happens, you can take the job on yourself or call on the services of a professional tradesman like an Archway Plumber who can replace taps and other fittings. There are two ceramic discs that contain two holes in each and when a tap is operated one will move with the handle and the other one will remains static. When the holes in the two pieces align, the water will then flow. If this type of tap has a leak it means that the ceramic discs have suffered some damage and the holes are out of line. The discs themselves are not replaceable so this means a cartridge replacement is needed. If you are not confident to do this task, then call a professional like Archway Plumbers who can fit the cartridge. They are right and left handed respectively so the right orientation must be observed.Clean or Replace:Isolate the water supply to the taps. Turn the taps on separately and drain the water away through the open taps. Remove the heads from the taps. These can be one of two different types, the first a push on fitting or the second that needs a screw to secure it. When this is complete, hold the tap body so that when you undo it, it will not rotate with the turning action. Remove the cartridge. Remember the orientation either left or right mentioned earlier. Once out, visually inspect as it could be just debris inside and may just need clearing. If this is not the case, then, replace the cartridge. Check the seal for damage while you are in there. Fit new if needed. Make good and de-isolate the water supply and check for leaks etc.

When You May Need a Plumber

Plumbing is quite simple, for a trained plumber, however DIY is ok if you feel confident in your abilities and have some experience. The best idea really is to leave these problems to someone who has taken the time to train and become skilled. Archway Plumbers can do this.Here are a few plumbing issues that a trained plumbing professional may be required to deal with:Blocked Sewer Pipework: Should the sewer line for you home keep backing up, it is more than likely a blockage running out to the main sewer pipework. The best idea for this is to call out a professional plumber or drain-clearing service. They are familiar with sewer work and can get the job done correctly and give a guarantee. This is not a DIY job.Water Pressure Low:This can be caused by a blocked pipe (or pipes). It may be a local supply problem. A professional plumber is able to logically fault find, diagnose and fix the problem. Water Pipe Damage: It can be hard to find and repair damaged pipework which is a lot of the time a product of frozen plumbing, This will take lots of time if you are inexperienced an can result in more damage. It makes more sense to pay a plumber so that you can concentrate on your day job.Replace a Water Heater: Think it over carefully before you attempt any work on equipment that contains electrics and water. You must bear in mind, your local plumbing professionals can fit a new unit, connect it up and make sure that it works safely and correctly, and also importantly ditch the broken unit.Freezing Pipework: There may be a time, certainly in winter, that you think one of your pipes may be frozen. You can carry out a visual inspection to see if there are any splits. If there is a split, then you should definitely call a professional plumbing tradesman like an Archway Plumber. You can try and thaw a frozen pipe (that is not cracked) with something like a hair dryer etc. however even though the pipe may not be cracked, you should really make the call rather than try yourself to sort it. Plumbers will simply replace a section of frozen pipe rather than thaw it.


Disconnection of this fitting is done by firstly, unlocking by turning the screw cap in an anticlockwise direction. There should be a gap and some resistance. Sometimes clips can be fitted, if so, these need to be removed. Use downward pressure on the collet which ids on the end of the fitting. Normally it can be done by hand, but you can also buy a ‘collet release’ tool that will do the job if required. Pull and the fitting and pipe should come apart. The action will leave a plastic seal insert behind in the fitting, this means you will need to take the fitting apart. Archway Plumbers carry out all plumbing work. Taking the fitting apart to remove the seal, you will need to unscrew the screw cap anticlockwise until you feel resistance and then just keep turning, you will probably have to hold the fitting still with a suitable type of pliers. When the cap is off you can remove the pipe insert. As you do this there is possibility that you will also remove a black ‘O’ ring seal and a blue plastic ring. They just need to be re-fitted in the same place that they came from, i.e. the black ’O’ ring first and the blue ring on the top. An Archway Plumber knows how to use speed fittings. Put the screw cap back on and tighten it clockwise. You will feel some resistance so just give it another turn past it and the screw cap should be on.NOTE:This style of fitting is great because it will even work well with copper pipes, the only thing is that you won’t get any marks that tell you if the fitting is secured. There is no need for the pipe inserts when you use copper tubing as it does not require any support.

Pumps and Valves (Handy to Know)

Air-locked Pump:If a circulating pump runs but some of the radiators remain cold, then, there could be air in the pump itself. Fitted on the pump casing is a screw called a bleed-screw. Place a bowl underneath the pump. This will catch any water, then, use a bleed key to open the bleed screw slowly to allow the air to bleed out. Once water appears, tighten it up and retest. An Archway Plumber can do this job.Speed Adjusting:A central heating pump can have its speed easily adjusted by altering or turning a small rotary style switch fitted that is fitted to the pump casing.Circulating Pumps x 3: Fixed Head (Single Speed), Variable Speed Circulator, Fixed Head (3 Speed).Information: A variable speed unit will cost more, but has a flexibility that really is worth the extra cost.Rotor Sticks:These motors can sometimes stop running. This is usually down to pump motor sticking. The symptom doesn’t mean that the pump will need to be removed and replaced. There may be a light vibration at the casing, but this doesn’t mean that the motor is spinning. The vast majority of these pump motors will have an access cover to expose the pump’s rotor, so, with a medium sized screwdriver you can turn the rotor manually. This usually frees it up.Pump Removal:Most pumps are situated between two isolating spindle operated valves, which need two large adjustable wrenches to undo their large nuts. Make sure not to over tighten. Archway Plumbers carry these tools.Valve Replacement:Control valves for these systems are normally electrical, so if you think there is an issue, always visually check the cables and terminals before you consider replacement. Pump Impellers:The pump impellers can sometimes jam and the pump will stop pumping. It is good practice to visually check the impeller initially, most times the impeller block or jam can be removed by hand.

New Waste Fitting

Having removed the old basin:There will be no need for an overflow connection if this is a basin fit, because it normally forms a part of the appliance as supplied. Normally the waste fitting is fixed into the basin with rubber washers, however it is possible to form a joint yourself by using the advice below:1). Make and press a circular lump of plumber’s mate or even silicone rubber to the underside section of the waste fitting that is going sit in the basin’s outlet. To guarantee that this joint will be a success make sure that the appliance is completely dry, if not these compounds will not work on porcelain. Archway Plumbers fit basin waste fittings.2). Put the waste fitting into the required position for securing and then apply a second ring of plumbers mate, silicon or maybe even a large rubber washer at the area around where the thread pokes through the waste hole on the appliance. 3). Fit a 32mm polythene washer. Screw a large back nut on the waste fitting. This will compress the whole lot together and make a good seal. To stop the waste fitting from turning in the basin as you are doing up the back nut, put two screwdrivers through the slots or grates in the waste fitting and you can hold it still. 4). Once the appliance is completed, there is another process to carry out known as the “second fix”, meaning you need to secure the appliance in position, and make sure it is adequately supported and is level. The top of the appliance is plugged in level as the gradient towards the waste is already in the design of the appliance. An Archway Plumber uses second fixes.NOTE:For the installation of plastic baths, there is a requirement for extra wall fixing clips, that come with the appliance. They are supplied with the fixing kit to stop the bath sagging, because it will carry extra weight with the volume of water as it fills up.