The last thing that anyone needs to do is to have a plumbing problem and then go ahead and hire a cowboy plumber. These types of dishonest individuals will always tell you that they are reputable tradesmen, but will then produce the most criminal sub-standard piece of work. An Archway Plumber is a professional technician. The problem with so-called cowboy plumbers is that they are difficult to identify. They may look and sound like plumbers, and some might even think that they are plumbers, but the sad truth is that they are dangerous frauds who should be avoided. There are two types of cowboy plumber. Now, there is the honest but incompetent guy, and there is just the ruthless guy who is out to take as much of your money as he can. They are both very dangerous. Archway Plumbers only use skilled individuals. The incompetent guy will normally give you a low quote that will inevitably result in a bad job, because the quote doesn’t allow enough money to complete the work to a proper standard. The ruthless guy will knowingly do a bad job, take your money and leave. These following points might just help you identify and avoid cowboys: Never employ someone who knocks on your door and claims to be new to the area carrying out a survey, or has just finished a job on your road, and can do one-off jobs for a special price. Never be taken in by smart clothes, shiny vans and so on, as you will end up being the person paying for them. Ignore people who want a large chunk of cash in before they start, and avoid the bloke who only has a mobile phone for contact. Do call a prospective plumbing firm during working hours (when you would expect the plumber to be out working for clients) to see if it is well organised asnd can take and pass on messages. Lastly do not employ anyone who provides a rough and ready estimate on the back of an envelope.

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