Before you decide to work on the blocked outside drain Archway, you have to know the reason behind the blockage first. Sometimes it may be the oxide-rust which has accumulated on the bottom of a pipe since the outlet may not have been used for many years. For the older properties, there is another possibility ? that the clay drain pipe may have plants and cracked roots that have found their way into it. In such a case, you will need to have the specialist that can help you. It is easy to reline the old pipe and there is no need to dig up the garden and turn it into the scale model of a hill. The collapsed drain will not take place over night and it may take some years to get to that point.
The pipe may crack since due to mechanical or frost disturbance and it may begin leaking. The leak may wash away the earth that is found under it, and this means that the pipe will not be supported anymore with the compacted soil. After some time, it is going to collapse. At the same time, the plant roots can tap in the new supply for the moisture and it can form a dense mat within the pipe. Up to the time that it can be filled completely by the root ball, you will not notice what is going on down in the pipe. The drains may remain for a long period without having a problem, but when they do cause a problem, everything may end up going completely wrong. You may have a blocked outside drain Archway if you empty the sink and you notice it is draining slowly or not at all. You will be able to tell that there is something wrong.

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