3 Ways to Clear a Toilet Blockage

Having a blocked toilet can be very frustrating because it seems it happens at the worst of times. However, fortunately for you, there are a number of quick and simple methods where you can unclog your own toilet. Firstly, never flush more than once at one time, even if there is remaining human waste in the toilet. If you flush a toilet more than once it will cause more water to be pumped to the toilet bowl. There is the likely chance you can cause your bowl to overflow if you flush your toilet multiple times when it is clogged. Alternatively, you can add some dish soap in the toilet bowl and then pour half a bucket of hot water into the bowl. The water must be hot because it has to be significantly hotter than the water in the toilet bowl to clear the clog which will also cause porcelain to crack. Let the hot water and dish soap sit in the toilet bowl for several minutes to see if it will soften a clog by itself. Otherwise, you will have to use a plunger. The wire coat hanger method involves the use of a wire coat hanger which can be used in toilet clogs when there is an obstruction close to the drain. Firstly, you will have to manipulate the coat hanger until the top ends are no longer connected. Then you can wrap one end of the coat hanger and then stick it in the drain and then push or twist it to see if it can clear the drain. If you need any further help with a clogged toilet, be sure to call Plumbers Archway who has a team of experienced professionals who pride ourselves on our rapid response and quality workmanship. Plumbers Archway offers a wide variety of services ranging from plumbing to heating that are sure to keep the customer satisfied.