Our company mentions some common plumbing emergencies, which are generally faced by the homeowner. They are as follows:
Broken or leaking pipes
A tap that will not shut off
A steaming water tap
A stopped-up sink

In a plumbing emergency, everyone should know the where the main water valve is located and how it can be operated.
If the emergency revolves around the specific appliances or fixture, first turn off the main valve of that fixture. Make sure to turn it clockwise.

The main valve is usually located in an appliance or at the point where the water pipe is connected to it.
If there is no shutoff valve of the appliance then shut off the main valve.
Homeowner can find the main valve inside the basement or outside of the house where the water pipe enters.
If the main valve is defective, call your water company.
A Leaking or Broken Pipe
Turn off the main water supply to prevent water damages.
Make some temporary repairs; it will help to stop the leak.
Replace the pipes as soon as it is convenient to do so.
A Stopped-Up Sink
Shut off the appliance that is draining the sink.
Unclog the sink using a snake or plunger.
Avoid using a chemical drain cleaner.
Immediately turn off the water valve that is located inside the sink.
If there’s no valve there, turn off the main supply of water
Repair the tap or replace it.
A Steaming Hot Water Tap
Open all the hot water taps to alleviate the overheated water tap.
Turn off electric supply or the gas to the heater.
Let the taps run until cold-water flows. After the cold water flows, close the taps.
Call a professional plumber to make some repairs to the pressure relief valve and heater’s thermostat.

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