Though unclogging a properly blocked shower drain is not considered a very tough job but it is not a fun job as well. It could be a worst experience to pull out the disposable diapers from the drain or a huge build up of hair or other unpleasant accumulations in the drain. The issue of how to unblock a blocked shower Archway drain does not get that way or become visible overnight; it is usually the result of weeks of accumulated detritus and muck.
Once your shower drain is blocked it should be unclogged in the earliest or the problem will get severe with the water backing up. Sometimes ordinary plunging may work well in order to correct the shower drain but sometimes the matter could be more serious. Start your DIY method for how to unblock a shower with plunging the drain.
Some important points!
Before you start the process keep some important point in mind such as:
? Never use any sort of chemical before plunging the shower drain. It could be dangerous not only for your clothes but for your skin as well.
? You will require sufficient amount of water in the shower or bath tray in order to completely submerge the plungers cup. Plenty of water and you will have a splashy mess, therefore use bucket to avoid the excess in case your drain is not working at all.
? By blocking off other outlets you can get even better results. Put a damp cloth in other drains and get a higher probability of success through this technique.
? Keeping the handle of the plunge straight and vertical keep plunging with up and down strokes. Tilting the holding position will reduce the force of plunging and the speed of how to unblock a shower.
? If the drain is still block after few attempts of plunging do it some more times to avoid moving blockage further down the pipes.

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